We aren’t just about the big brands or media you consume on the daily across TV, Film and Gaming – we also like to offer some of the best in designs produced by independent artists and studios. In this collection you will find a range of products and designs that will make you laugh, reminisce and be blown away.


Based in Brazil founded in 2013. Their team is composed of three illustrators, Bruno Rodrigues, David Faraum, and Victor Kahn. Their work covers different areas, like illustrations for products, t-shirt, prints, packages, character design, Ads, and more.

Vincent Trinidad

Retro Aesthetics and Japanese Art are key trends for Vincent Trinidad a 15 year veteran of the illustration industry, his art combines Outrun, Vaporwave and Ukiyo-e Japanese Woodblock prints.

Steven Rhodes

Australian based illustrator Steven Rhodes has seen his prints grown in popularity across the world in recent years. His eclectic mix of occult and spoof illustrations are sure to push the boundaries of your expectations.