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Sep 26, 2014


The Top 10 Hottest TV Series At The Moment

The Top 10 Hottest TV Series At The Moment

Under The Dome

Science-fiction drama Under the Dome, based on a Stephen King novel of the same name, tells the story of the residents of a small town in Maine cut off from the rest of the world by a large, transparent and indestructible dome. Those outside the dome attempt to break it down, while those inside try to figure out what it is and where it came from.

True Blood

TThe Top 10 Hottest TV Series At The Momentrue Blood, based on the Charlaine Harris series of novels The Southern Vampire Mysteries, details the co-existence of humans and vampires in the fictional town of Bon Temps. Other supernatural creatures, such as werewolves, faeries, shapeshifters and witches are introduced throughout the series.



Big Brother

The popularity of reality game show Big Brother remains 17 years after the original Dutch TV series of the same name first aired. House guests, isolated under constant surveillance in a specially constructed house for three months, complete a series of challenges as they attempt to avoid the weekly eviction and win the half million grand prize.

The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette usually takes the runner-up from the previous season's reality dating game show The Bachelor, and attempts to find them a husband among 25 to 30 bachelors. Two marriages have resulted from the 8 series to date.

The Last Ship

Post-apocalyptic drama The Last Ship, based on a William Brinkley novel of the same name, is set around a lone unaffected US Navy ship after a global pandemic kills or sickens more than half the world's population. USS Nathan James endeavours to find a cure for the virus and save humanity.

The Good Wife

Legal and Political drama The Good Wife focuses on Alicia Florrick, played by Julianna Margulies, who returns to her old job as a litigator after her husband Peter Florrick (Chris Noth) has been jailed for a sex and corruption scandal. The series is partially inspired by prominent American political sex scandals, and features stand-alone procedural story lines each episode as well as season-long story arcs.

Game Of Thrones

The Top 10 Hottest TV Series At The Moment 1Fantasy drama television series, Game of Thrones, an adaptation of a George RR Martin's novel series, has obtained an exceptionally broad international fan base. The series, set at the end of a decade-long summer, on the fictional continents of Essos and Westeros, interweaves plot lines and explores topical issues such as civil war, corruption, religion, social hierarchy, loyalty, crime and punishment through its morally ambiguous characters. The threat of the mythical creatures of the north and the impending winter; the civil war to claim the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms and the attempts of the exiled deposed dynasty to reclaim the throne are among the main plots.


Scandal is a political thriller created by Shonda Rhimes and starring Kerry Washington, whose character, Olivia Pope, is loosely based on Judy Smith, a former press aide of the George H.W Bush administration. The show, set in Washington, D.C., focuses on Pope's crisis management firm, its staff and the happenings at the White House.

Dancing With The Stars

Dancing with the Stars, based on BBC hit show Strictly Come Dancing has been crowning champion celebrity/professional dance pairings since 2005. The series has relaunched the careers of a number of celebrities and done much to reignite a worldwide interest in Ballroom and Latin dancing.

American Idol

The success of American Idol, which has been finding new solo recording talent since 2002 has been described as "unparalleled in broadcasting history" and is a recognised springboard for the career of many pop stars, including Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson.

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