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Jun 1, 2015


Meet The Entourage Team

With the Entourage movie set for release in the next few days,  we thought that we would introduce our readers to the main characters that for 8 series entertained us and now look to do the same on the big screen. The film is said to take off where the series left off, Ari is the new studio head and agrees to give Vince his directorial debut with a £100 million production budget, however the film goes 15 million over budget and the team must find a way of coming up with the remaining money for the film to be completed.
Vincent Chase
Vince is focal character of the show as the last eight seasons have taken us on the up’s and down’s of the career of an A list celebrity. From achieving the highs of having the lead in the film ‘Aquaman’ to the lows of spending 90 days in rehab for a drug addiction problem. Vince eventually meets journalist Sophia Lear and in the final series the pair fly to Paris to be married. The film shows Vince getting his chase to be a director but when the films goes over budget he developers a care free attitude stating that the team can just return to Queens if the movie is a failure.
Eric ‘E’ Murphy
Eric starts off as Vince’s best friend who is just looking out for his friend as they embark on this epic journey, but as the series progress me becomes Vince’s manager which leads to the two falling out on a number of occasions. Their friendship continues throughout the show and both always come through for each other in the end. Eric’s advice periodically angers Vince’s agent Ari Gold, both of whom want the best for Vince but see very different ways of achieving this. After a rollercoaster relationship Eric ends up with Sloan McQuewick who is pregnant with his baby, it is unknown how this is to play out in the movie but there is no doubt that there are a few more bumps in the road for this pair.
Ari Gold
Ari was the co-owner of Miller Gold Agency and also the representative of Vincent Chase. In the final episode of series 8 Ari decided to leave Miller Gold Agency so that he can travel the world with his wife, who he has never cheated on despite the number of suggestive comments made throughout the show. Ari however is now back and is now chairman and CEO of Time Warner, he approached Vince and offers him his directorial debut as well as million dollar production budget for him to make his film. In The show Ari represents clients such as Mark Wahlberg, Vin Diesel and Matt Damon.
Turtle is a childhood friend of Vince’s and is the only member of the team who is not involved in the acting business. Turtle begins as Vince’s driver but throughout the series continuously trys setting up his own businesses and becoming his own man. The continuing effort of Turtle eventually pays off and he makes his millions. Turtle’s role in the film is as yet unclear but he is sure to have a pivotal role in how the team go about finding the money needed to finish the film.
Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase
Drama is the half-brother of Vince and is also an actor although at the beginning of the program he has not had an acting gig in three years and is working as Vince’s chef and fitness instructor. The success of his half-brother motivates him into rejuvenating his acting career and he lands a part of a hugely successful TV show.  Drama lands his own TV show which he is waiting to film when the series finishes.