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Jun 19, 2015


E3 Sony Conference Highlights

E3 Conference week is one of the most eagerly anticipated time periods within the gaming industry. The Los Angeles Convention Centre is a wonderful setting for one of the gaming worlds for most conferences. E3 is where the big hitters of the gaming world come to show what they will be offering in the next twelve months and maybe beyond. It is a really serious event for the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo as they cannot afford to be out shone by their rivals. Every year they each turn up with at least one announcement aimed at sending the crowd into a frenzy of excitement and again this year they have all equally delivered with some fantastic announcements.
Below is a summary of Sony’s Conference
Sony knew they had to go big if they were to compete with Microsoft conference and they started their conference with a bang. The first trailer shown was The Last Guardian, before the conference many had said this would be one of the showpiece announcements from Sony so for them to open with this showed that they meant business. Then followed Horizon: Zero Down the footage and gameplay for this seemed to trigger more questions than answers but the gamers in attendance seemed to wanting to see more of the game which is always a positive sign.
They then played a CGI trailer for the new Hitman game but didn’t feature any gameplay footage which led to speculation that this would be shown at the creators of the game Square Enix own conference.  They then briefly introduced everyone to the next instalment of Street Fighter. They showed a brief trailer and introduced some new characters but seemed to rush through this section of the conference.
Hello Games then took the stage to reveal their new Title No Man’s Sky, there has been rumours that this game would be the hidden gem of the conference and after the trailer and demo that was put on the rumours are true. The sheer size of this game world is mind blowing and could easily see gamers get lost in its vastness. There was a lot of positive reaction to this game and many within the industry are tipping it to be a huge success. This was followed by a trailer of new game Dreams which has taken 4 years to develop, there wasn’t a massive trailer for the game and not much was really revealed about the title.
They then revealed the expansion update for Destiny which is set to be the largest expansion of the game to date. This was met with a great reception just showing the success that the title has had. Then yet another CGI trailer was shown for Assassins Creed: Syndicate this was met with a mixed reaction as many want to see some gameplay footage of the new title sadly none was forthcoming.
They then teased the audience with what looked like the announcement of a new Final Fantasy but the announcement was actually for Final Fantasy World which looks like it could be quite a fun little game. This announcement was just a curveball Sony wanted to throw at the audience before revealing that they would be remaking Final Fantasy 7 and Playstation 4 would be the first console the game would be available on. The cheer in the building was huge, the amount of joy released from the room can’t be measured. Sony truly played this announcement fantastically and gained maximum reaction for the audience present.
They then helped everyone calm down with the announcement of some lesser titles before sending the audience into raptures with the announcement that a Kickstarter campaign would be launched for Shenmue 3. They launched the campaign on the stage and the campaign page actually crashed from the traffic it received by the end of the Sony conference they had already raised $500,000 which is a quarter of their $2 million goal.
After a few announcements regarding PS4 exclusive content for Batman: Arkham Knights and a few brief announcements regarding tech that was mainly for an American audience they went back to game announcements with the showing of the next Call Of Duty title – Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3. This announcement is significant as now for the first time PS4 have the first release options for the game which has long been a right of Sony’s rivals Microsoft and shows a shift in the market.
There was the announcement of two Star Wars titles, Disney Infinity Star Wars and Star Wars: Battlefront. This led us to the final announcement of the conference Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. They began the gameplay demo and suffered tech issues which always rear there annoying head at some during these conferences. However once that was out of the way they showed the audience a game beautifully created and also a glimpse of what looks to be a truly epic game.
The Sony conference then came to an end. Overall this was hugely successful, the crowd reactions at numerous times were amazing and apart from the one technical glitch Sony cannot have imagined the conference going any better than that.
Overall both Microsoft and Sony will be happy with their respective conferences, but Sony will be the happier of the two. There conference had a lot more of a reaction and all of it was positive. They also showed their superiority over Microsoft with the announcement of the Activision game. Could this conference be a sign of Sony moving ahead of Microsoft in the gaming industry we shall have to wait and see.