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Jun 19, 2015


E3 Microsoft Conference Highlights

E3 Conference week is one of the most eagerly anticipated time periods within the gaming industry. The Los Angeles Convention Centre is a wonderful setting for one of the gaming worlds for most conferences. E3 is where the big hitters of the gaming world come to show what they will be offering in the next twelve months and maybe beyond. It is a really serious event for the likes of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo as they cannot afford to be out shone by their rivals. Every year they each turn up with at least one announcement aimed at sending the crowd into a frenzy of excitement and again this year they have all equally delivered with some fantastic announcements.
Below we have a summary of Microsoft’s Conference:
Microsoft opened with a fairly safe option to excite the crowd revealing an in-game demo of Halo 5: Guardians.  There was a surprise to start the conference off as surprisingly the playable character shown was not the Master Chief who lovers of the game will consider a family member, instead the demo showed Locke hunting for the Chief. Following the announcement of a new game called ReCore came the announcement the Xbox One world has been crying out for since the release of the console, you will be able to play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One. Not only are will bringing backward compatibility they are also allowing cross platform multiplayer gaming action with the Xbox 360, this was received very well by the people in attendance. They then continued with another tech announcement as they revealed a new highly customisable controller called Elite. Now This controller looks like it will give other gaming controllers a serious run for its money.
Surprisingly the next game announced was Fallout 4, the shock behind this was how early in the conference they decided to showcase the game as the developers of the game had previously announced the game for Xbox so it was expected to be shown. Next the announcement of EA Access and that a free trial of the service is available to all Xbox Live Gold members this week. The wow factor was then back for the next announcement as the brand new ford GT was lowered onto the stage and the announcement for Forza Motorsport 6 was made. After the announcement of several indie games, the Xbox Game Preview feature and also a new Dark Souls title they announced the some more technical bits. The first announcement was a partnership with Oculus Rift to stream Xbox One games to the hardware from the Xbox One. They also announced a partnership with Valve VR but didn’t go into detail about it, a lot of speculation is pointing towards something big coming from this union.
The next announcement was for their new hardware Hololens. They used Minecraft to demonstrate the new virtual reality hardware, and the demonstration was well received. It has always been difficult to perform a demo of virtual reality hardware but they did the best they could with it and received a positive reaction for the demonstration. This led us nicely into the final announcement that everyone in attendance had been waiting for.
The announcement came in two parts the first was that they would be releasing an updated version of the first Gears Of War for the Xbox One with updated graphics. They then followed this by announcing the brand new Gears Of War game titled Gears 4. They then showed a demo of the game which seemed to really excited the crowd in attendance as they revealed new characters and locations that will be featured in the game. They didn’t reveal a whole lot else about the game which only seem to add to the excitement in the room as people began speculating on possible improvements and additions they could have made.
Overall Microsoft will be happy with their conference as there was a lot of positive reaction to the announcements made and everything ran smoothly which is always important when it seems like the whole world is watching. It was then left to see if Sony could match Microsoft or even go that step further with their conference.