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May 29, 2015


Batman Spotted On ‘Suicide Squad’ Set

Batman played by Ben Affleck looks set to appear in ‘Suicide Squad’ movie. The movie has been filming in Toronto and several videos on YouTube have appeared showing what appears to be the Batmobile chasing a sports car driven by The Joker through the city streets. One video shows a figure looking like The Dark Knight clinging to the roof of the sports car.
There has already been a lot of speculating that Batman could feature in ‘Suicide Squad’ which stars Jared Leto as The Joker, Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie playing Harley Quinn, Cara DeLevigne portraying Enchantress and Jai Courtney as Boomerang. Tom Hardy was lined us to play the role of Rick Flag but a scheduling conflict means Joel Kinnaman now takes on the role.
Viola Davis will appear in the role of Amanda Waller, who is the government agent put in charge of the ‘Suicide Squad’, a team of super-villains working for the government in return for their freedom. Director David Ayer started filming the super-villain movie in Totonto in April and Warner Bros. has set ‘Suicide Squad’ for release on August 5, 2016.
Meanwhile, Affleck will make his debut as the dark knight in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, director Zack Snyder’s eagerly anticipated sequel to 2013’s Man Of Steel, which is set for release on March 25, 2016.
Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is eagerly anticipated by comic book fans and is Warner Bros. biggest response to the never ending line of hugely successful comic book films released by Marvel Studios. The film featuring DC Comics two biggest superheroes has fuelled wild speculation and rumour since plans for the film where announced at San Diego Comic Con in 2013.
Superman is again to be played by Henry Cavill who excellently played the character in Man Of Steel, which left the Superman character as quite a controversial figure, with half of the world seeing him as a superhero and the other half seeing him as an extreme threat.
Affleck has a huge task on his hands replacing Christian Bale as Batman as many praised him for portrayal of the caped crusader. A similar task lay at the feet of Jared Leto as he looks to match the now legendary performance of the late Heath Ledger as The Joker. There have been many critics of Leto since his announcement in the role but many also feel that he will make his own mark on the character.
Fans wait with bated breath for both of these blockbuster movies and this can only be the start of a hugely successful brand for both Warner Bros and DC Comics, it just remains to be seen whether this new franchise can compete with the momentum gained by the rival Marvel Studio franchises.