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Mar 27, 2015


A Review Of Sons Of Anarchy Series 7

Sons of Anarchy is an American drama set in the fictional town of Charming in California's Central Valley. The storyline focuses on a motorcycle club called SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original), and the main character is called Jackson 'Jax' Teller. He is the vice-president of the club. Plots deal with the motorcycle club and the different characters and their families, as well as allied and rival gangs. There have been seven series so far, with each series involving two parallel plot lines based on Jax and SAMCO.
Series seven was aired at the end of 2014 and is the last of the series. The plot picks up from series six, which saw events leading up to Tara's (Jax's wife) murder by his mother, Gemma Teller, which she blamed on a rival Chinese gang. Jax ends up as the accused and is sent to prison reeling at the tragedy of losing his wife but also eager to unveil the truth of what happened. SAMCRO backs Jax all the way, proving its loyalty to him. Juice is in hiding but feels lost without the club. Gemma is plagued by guilt and is dealing with difficult demons, whilst Jax's oldest son is having to grow up quickly and face the situation he has found himself in. Many fans of the series rightly predicted that Jax Teller would kill himself on his father's bike. After a touching farewell to his father, who he could not live up to, Jax knew he could not escape his many sins. Series seven gained rave reviews from viewers, with many believing it ended on a high note.
Although this was the final series, many fans are left with unanswered questions. Did John Teller kill himself, for example? Theories differ, but many believe he took his own life to save the club. Who was the homeless woman, Emily Putner? Jax asked her who she was, but her only response was 'it's time'. Was she an angel foretelling his imminent death? What will happen to Jax's sons? Will they grow up to be different from him? His son Abel is seen wearing a ring saying 'son', which leads viewers to question whether he will inherit the Teller family flaw.
Sons of Anarchy fans may well wonder what could have happened next for the characters of the show if another series was made. Could Jax return from the dead to repent of his sins? Would his sons be the focus of the club now, and would they follow in their father's footsteps? There are many possible scenarios, and keen fans would be more than pleased to get a chance to see a series eight.
Sons of Anarchy has given viewers seven series of drama and entertainment as it has followed the plots and twists and turns of Jax Teller and the SAMCRO motorcycle club. Gripping storylines and a killer ending have enhanced popularity of the series, keeping fans glued to their seats.